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FTTC FTTP ADSL Lease Lines Converged 4G Data SIM

FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)

Fibre optic, high-speed broadband services for your business. FTTC is a Fibre connection that links the exchange and the street cabinet. This means much faster upload speeds and a high-bandwidth solution at an affordable price. Telemaxx can install FTTC solutions quickly and with minimal disruption to your business achieving faster, more reliable broadband to improve your day to day working lives. Unlimited Usage Business Grade Product Priority Traffic management during business hours up to 20Mbps Upload Speed up to 80Mbps Download Speed

FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)

FTTP is the best method of delivering very-high-speed broadband services, offering higher speeds than FTTC broadband . FTTP does not rely on the copper wires from the premises to the street cabinet, FTTP is therefore not susceptible to interference like FTTC. Also FTTP broadband signals are not attenuated by the distance from the street cabinet to the premises (as with FTTC), Unlimited Usage Business Grade Product Priority Traffic management during business hours up to 30Mbps Upload Speed up to 330Mbps Download Speed

4G Data SIMs

4G is the next generation of mobile broadband, taking over from 3G. In some case 4G is capable of delivering mobile broadband speeds similar to the download speeds you can get  from a broadband line connection.

Lease Lines Advantages.

The fastest internet connectivity available in the UK Industry leading SLAs- 100% target uptime Ideal for combined voice, video and data connectivity Bandwidths from 10Mb – 1Gb Uncontended bandwidth, guaranteed Site-to-site connectivity


Unlimited usage Business grade product Priority traffic management during business hours Annex M option to boost upload* up to 2.5Mbps upload speed* up to 24Mbps download speed* * subject to availabilty, location and line quality

Converged Broadband

Converged Broadband provides high quality internet and IP telephony access on a single line, from one supplier. It’s a single broadband connection where voice traffic takes priority on a percentage of the available bandwidth.
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