What Can I Do Next Whether you need a basic analogue phone line for your business, an ISDN solution or SIP trunking (the modern alternative), we offer competitive rates and stress-free management. Tell us what you need and our experienced provisioning and technical teams will manage it all from start to finish. As well as being able to pick up the phone and get through to our customer support team within 10 seconds (every time you call) FIVE-RING-LIVE-PERSON GUARANTEE We promise that during working hours a live person will answer your phone call within five rings. And it’ll be an English- speaking person sitting at a desk in Northampton.

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Get Connected with Telemaxx

The Benefits …

Free Connection Available Transfer Line FREE of Charge No Minimum Call Spend Required Full Business Continuity Model Fraud Prevention

Phone Lines and Calls

We   provide   a   full   line   provisioning   service   from   our   own   Tier   1   Carrier   direct account   with   Openreach.   By   providing   your   landlines   we   can   offer   a   true end to end support service. We   understand   a   business   needs   to   control   its   costs   and   we   provide   one   of the most competitive calls and line rental charges in the market.

What lines does your business need?

Analogue   phone   lines   -   Perfect   for   home   offices,   broadband   or   fax   where the need for multiple calls is minimal. ISDN2e   -   Ideal   for   small   businesses   that   need   two   or   more   telephone   lines to   handle   their   communications.   Each   ISDN2e   line   provides   two   channels   of ISDN,    each    operating    at    64Kbps    speed.    ISDN    is    compatible    with    phone systems for voice calls. ISDN30   -   Ideal   for   medium/large   businesses.   ISDN30   lines   have   between   8 and   30   channels,   each   working   at   64Kbps,   delivering   voice   and   data   via   a   2 Megabit     bearer.     Each     channel     can     carry     one     inbound     or     outbound telephone call.

Save money

You    can    request    a    free    of    charge    bill    comparison,    where    we    will    do    an analysis   of   your   call   charges   and   lines,   and   show   you   exactly   how   much   we would   have   charged   you   for   that   period   of   your   bill,   99.9%   of   times   we   make considerable   savings,   ensuring   that   our   clients   and   future   clients   can   add profit to their bottom line.
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© 2016 Telemaxx Ltd | 26 Charter Gate | Moulton Ind. Park | Northampton | NN3 6QB | Tel: 0331 23456
03458 738384